Health and wellbeing strategies

Despite the growing prominence of health and wellbeing issues at work, a study has found that employer initiatives in this area typically lack strategic focus.

According to Aon’s UK Benefits & Trends Survey 2021, 56% of employers plan to have board-level sponsorship for health and wellbeing initiatives, highlighting the significance many firms now attach to such issues. However, the research also found that only 44% actually had an employee wellbeing strategy in place.

In addition, the study suggests employers may be focusing too heavily on emotional and mental health while ignoring other pillars of wellbeing (physical, financial, career and social). Indeed, although 76% of employers had developed an emotional and mental wellbeing strategy, just 32% had a career strategy and only 30% a social wellbeing programme.

Commenting on the findings, Aon’s Head of Health & Risk Consulting Mark Witte said, “The fact that less than half of the employers we surveyed have a comprehensive wellbeing strategy in place is perhaps one of the key observations from this year’s survey. There is no shortage of investment in health and benefits generally, nor is there a lack of focus on specific support; however, overall, wellbeing activity all too often lacks strategic focus.”