Business leaders to prioritise wellbeing

Research by Bupa Global suggests that UK firms are set to significantly increase their investment in employee mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

According to data from the second Executive Wellbeing Index, which was released last month, UK business leaders expect to increase their spending on employee mental health and wellbeing by around 18% over the coming year. This was one of the highest rates recorded across the worldwide study.

The research found that employee wellbeing is a key priority for many organisations, with 27% of UK business leaders wanting companies to focus more on employee mental health and 71% confirming that their organisations were already planning to do more to support mental health and wellbeing in some way. The data also suggests this is likely to happen, with 72% of board-level executives confirming that their firm intends to do more.

Commenting on the findings, Bupa Global Managing Director Sheldon Kenton said, “It’s encouraging to see that the UK’s business leaders are investing in their employees’ wellbeing with concrete spending and initiatives. By focusing on this as well as the environmental agenda and more purpose-driven goals, British businesses will be more credible with employees, customers and investors.”